Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Sweetie Pies in the Sky?

While registering for this blog, I breezed through the information fields, coming to a halt at the box requesting the title of the blog.  There was so much I wanted the title to reflect - diabetes, motherhood, the fulfillment of dreams made complicated by this condition, hope...I closed the lid of my computer and reflected, stewed over this on my run (running my warm-up mile has never gone so quickly!), and eventually opened up a word document and started typing as many words associated with diabetes and little ones as I could think of.

When I typed "pie," I knew I was getting close.  Cherry pie, cutie pie, sweetie pie...that was it.  What I call kiddos all the time.  And "sweetie" was a play on the natural association between diabetes and all things sweet.  Diabetes?  Check.  Motherhood?  Check.  Now, that piece about the fulfillment of dreams made complicated by this condition...Pie in the sky.  The promise of a sweet reward.  Or, sometimes, something that may be viewed as overly optimistic or even impractical.  Which would motherhood turn out to be for me?  

Would love to hear your thoughts during the run-up to your pregnancy or the way you're thinking about the possibility of motherhood now.  Do share below!

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