Saturday, April 7, 2012

Things that go Beep in the Night

Another night of less-than-optimal sleep...My Dexcom has been going off around 1am every morning alerting me to a low.  One of the more dangerous lows.  The below 55 lows.  Except when I check my blood sugar, it's in the 80s, right where I'd like it to be.  It's gotten to where I've had to stash my Dexcom in another room just to get some shut-eye.

Last night my PDM joined in the chorus and chirped around 5:30am.  I should have changed my pod right then and there - or planned ahead and changed it last night - but being in the morning haze that I was, I acknowledged the alert and fell back to sleep.  To be awakened one hour later by the "Change me now" alert.  So I did and was up for good before 7am on a Saturday.  *Sigh*.

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