Tuesday, May 1, 2012

D is for Darn Right!

For me, one of the most challenging aspects of managing diabetes is estimating carbohydrates in restaurant food.  I've become super conscientious about measuring and weighing foods when I prepare them at home so my carb count can be precise and I can reduce the risk of lows and highs - although nothing was minimizing my highs over the past few days while I was sick!  My insulin:carb ratio went from 1:14 to nearly 1:7!

Anyway...in the midst of all this, M and I decided to have his cohort over to our place for dinner.  For deep dish pizza.  Now, there are times when I can resist food like this.  The food whose carb count I have no basis for even estimating.  But it was from our favorite local chain.  It was whole wheat.  It was topped with veggies. And I just couldn't resist.

Two hours later, after the last family had left, I headed to the bathroom for my nightly routine.  Teeth brushed, contacts removed, face washed.  I took out my testing supplies and was astounded when my meter flashed 95. I turned on my Dexcom to input my most recent reading and my eyes swooped from left to right, across the flat line displayed on my screen.  This had been a night of self-indulgence: a side salad, two slices of deep dish pizza, and a traditional Chinese sweet brought over by one of our friends.  And my sugar had stayed stable.

Take that, D!

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