Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flat line

Conjures up images of frantic interns and their patients, stretched out in hospital beds or operating tables.

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy :)

There's another type of flat line though.  This one isn't deadly.  Isn't dire in the least.  It's the one stretched across my Dexcom screen.  The one I've been riding for the past couple of days.

I began reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live over the weekend.  As a vegetarian, I had been eating a decent amount of produce.  But my schedule over the last several weeks had me making sandwiches on the go.  Grabbing cheese and crackers for snacks.  I was good on the carbs and proteins, but the only vegetables were the sprinkling of celery in my black bean soup or the lettuce and tomato garnishing my hummus wrap.

I made an intention to center my meals on greens.  To enjoy salads as a main course with one grain serving on the side and maybe some fruit to round it out.  I felt surprisingly full and upon awakening my Dexcom, delighted at my blood sugar's minimal movement throughout the time I ate and and in the hours following my meals.

M and I savored this super easy, super delicious strawberry blue cheese salad several times over the weekend, and the biscuits we made to accompany this awesome lima bean stew were divine.

Yes, it takes a little more planning and preparation to produce meals brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables.  But that flat line, the one signifying stable energy - life - for me, it's been well worth it.

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